Zenn 11 pc Beginners Set

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This 11-piece complete bondage set made from artificial leather consists of various BDSM toys for him and her; the cuffs have a luxury nice padding, and all toys which can be used to restrain your partner are size adjustable and have rings which can be used to attach weights, hooks and ropes. The ball gag has ventilation holes and is also adjustable. This great set is especially designed to introduce partners to the wonderful world of bondage play! Material: Artificial Leather.

Set contains: Bondage rope approx. 11 meters long; tickling feather total length 280 mm, handle length 135 mm; neck cuff total length 480 mm, belt width 23 mm, bearing surface 400 mm x 55 mm. Hand-/feetcuffs total length 340 mm, bearing surface 235 x 55 mm, belt width 25 mm, chain length 85 mm with carabiner; hand-/feetcuffs total length 410 mm, bearing surface 280 x 65 mm, belt width 25 mm, chain length with carabiner 120 mm; blindfold 190 x 75 mm; bondage cross leatherstraps 70 x 25 mm, carabiner length 40 mm, inside-Ø ring 37 mm; nipple clamps max. spreading 17 mm, rubberized bearing surface 17 x 7,5 mm, little bell Ø 12 mm; mouth gag total length 580 mm, left side 180 x 25 mm, right side 275 mm x 25 mm, Ø ball 43 mm; leash total length 680 mm, chain length with carabiner 530 mm, loop 125 x 17 mm; whip total length 470 mm, whip tails 240 mm long, 5 mm wide, handle Ø 29 mm, handle length 150 mm. Total weight 939 g.

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