Screaming O x3

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Choose from 3 super-stretchy erection rings from this great value 3 pack set for the perfect fit. you can choose to wear one at a time or use all 3 at once to enhance your look while aiding your performance.


Inner Diameters 40mm / 20mm / 20mm

The Facts :

  •  3 Rings for 3 sensations
  •  Stretch to fit
  •  Helps Aid with Firmer and harder erections with more intense orgasms
  •  Helps control premature ejaculation
  •  Stretchy, comfortable erection rings
  •  Rings are soft and super stretchy and easy to fit
  •  SEBS (TPE)
  •  Latex- and phthalate-free
  •  Waterproof
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