Paradise Cotton Leg Belt Bag: HHF-2120

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A versatile and beautiful hip bag made by 100% Natural Canvas Cotton Fabric stitched by talented artisans in Himalaya range. Support underprivileged Himalayas communities with your purchase. Hand Wash or Machine wash in cold water.

Double Stitched with the highest quality Canvas Cotton and Unisex One Size Fit’s Must. The buckle is adjustable so it fits a wide variety of sizes of 28 Inch to 44 Inch of waist. Can be worn in lower waist or hips or as a crossbody variation comes with 2 different Zipper pockets 7 Inch / 6 Inch to keep your stuff safe and walks hands free. 

Perfect for everyday use contains customized pocket for your wallet, Mobile Phone, Passport, Key, Accessories includes Anti-Theft Pocket for valuables & treasures. This bag has multiple purposes can be used for travel, yoga, festival, hiking, Cycling, Running, picnics, Dog walking & possible for work, Mobile Phone, Purse & School.

Strap measurements
Long Strap: 29" - 44"

The main large pocket is wide enough to fit items of all kinds to suit your needs and it measures 7" x 6" and also has a small zipper pocket in front of it.
There are 2 large flat pockets: approximately 6.5" x 8.5" - one is hidden in the back - a perfect money belts for keeping your passport and cash safe.

The belt also includes 2 different pockets, one is spacious enough to fit belongings such as cell phones and is secured with a zipper as well as a metallic button, and the other smaller pocket which is almost infused into the belt is secured with a zipper is mostly used as a coin purse.

Hand Made in The Himalayas from 100 % Cotton. Fair Trade Made. Imported from Himalaya range of Nepal and India.

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