Extreme Mist Misting & Drinking Bottle

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The first piece of advice you’ll hear before heading out to have some fun in the sun? “Make sure you’re drinking enough water!”, followed by “make sure you’re not overheating!” immediately after. Lucky for you, the GoMist takes care of both!

With Extreme Mist’s latest innovation, you can stay both cool and hydrated. The GoMist Misting & Drinking Bottle makes it possible for you to drink ice cold water and enjoy a refreshing, ultrafine mist at the same time. With the press of a button, you can enjoy hours of cooling comfort. Press once for a gentle burst of cooling mist, and then press again for an extra Turbo boost! Getting thirsty? Just twist off the cap and enjoy an ice cold sip of water. It’s a 2-in-1 bottle that will refresh you on-the-go.

With plenty of convenient features for maximum comfortability and ease of use, you’ll quickly default to your GoMist as your water bottle of choice. After a fun day of misty mischief, plug it in to recharge its lithium-ion battery. This portable bottle’s splendid design makes it your perfect travel and adventure partner for any occasion.


GoMist Features

Easy, Breezy Misting!

 One-touch Power Button for instant mist

 Two misting speeds, Gentle and Turbo to customize your cooling

 Nickel plated brass, replaceable, ultrafine mist nozzle

 Long-lasting, Lithium-ion Battery lasts for hours on a single charge

 Quick Charge USB-C Port, with built-in water resistance


Time for a Water Break!

 A few twists and you're ready to drink from the wide mouth, easy drink spout

 Preserves temperature of water effortlessly

 Throw in an ice cube or several if you're really trying to chill out

 Completely leak-proof when closed, no matter how you tilt it

 Works with hot water as well as cold, mist comes out cool no matter what!


Stylish and Comfortable!

 Integrated foldaway handle, for convenient, one-handed carrying

 Wide mouth easy-drink spout with 25oz liquid capacity

 Available in midnight black, polar white, and marine teal colors

 Matte finish powder coating looks sleek and feels comfortable to handle

 Stainless steel double wall vacuum insulated construction is sturdy and durable for the biggest of adventures

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