Gender Fluid Chest Compression Binder

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People don’t get to choose the bodies they're born with, but options abound to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin. Chest binders, or articles of clothing that gently compress breast tissue to reduce its appearance, are essential garments for those whose chest area is more prominent than they wish. They allow folks with chest dysphoria—i.e., discomfort and distress from unwanted breast development—to do something about it without opting for more permanent measures like surgery.

Whether you or someone in your life is interested in buying a binder, we’ve got you covered.

Gender Fluid. Designed to help people fit together, any way you want. Moderate chest compression with no underwire or padding. Strong mesh provides added support and compression to minimize chest. Adjustable side hook and loop closure for custom fit. Scoop style front and back. Hand wash in cold water only. Air dry. Material: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex Unisex fit .


M - 30-33 inches

L - 32-35 inches

XL - Chest - 34-37 inches

XXL - 36-39 inches

XXXL - 38-41 inches

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