Dr. Joel Kaplan Silicone Prostate Locator

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The prostate gland can be easily stimulated by inserting the Silicone Prostate Locator a minimum of 2-3 inches into the anus, then stroking the specially designed head towards the front of the body, massaging the walls of the rectum.  This probe provides excellent prostate stimulation, use it while masturbating for intense ejaculations.

Satisfy your deepest desires with the Dr. Joel Kaplan Silicone Prostate Locater. The easy to use, premium quality probe is ergonomically designed for comfortable prostate stimulation and a mind-blowing experience. The curvaceous probe features an angled precision tip with smooth rounded contours and an easy pull ring for comfortable retrieval. It is designed to help you find the sweet spot you’ve been dreaming about to explore new levels of ecstasy. Always use a quality lube with this toy, to intensify and maximize the pleasurable tingles and sensations. The discreet toy is endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan and is suitable for first-time and experienced users. The ergonomically contoured probe delivers exquisite stimulation for extended ecstasy and makes a great addition to an exotic toy collection. Explore your ultimate pleasure zone with the prostate locator that is designed for tantalizing and never-ending satisfaction. Use a quality water-based lubricant. Before and after play, clean the probe with mild soapy water.

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