Ass Blaster Anal Tail Plug 2

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Featuring a classic shape perfect for deep, satisfying stimulation, the all-sexes Ass Blaster 2 offers up a bubbly dual-tiered shaft enhanced by a big tail handle ergonomically curved for maximum control.

Tipped by a sleek entry point, the 2 increases quickly in size and thickness down to a full-stretch midpoint before repeating. Once past the second swell, a distinct neck and widespread base help hold things in place while preventing too-deep penetration.

Curling up from the base, the 2's flexible tail makes for easy manipulation during and quick removal when the time's right. For a bonus pleasure effect, try placing the smooth tip agasint the perineum for some exciting external pressure.

In ultra safe silicone, the Ass Blaster 2 is hypoallergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Always enjoy a good water based lubricant in combination, silicone based formulas and contact with other silicone products should be avoided.

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