Andrew Christian Safer Outdoor Dining Shockwave Mask

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Help keep restaurant workers safe when dining out. My friends who work in the foodservice industry asked me to design a mask to help make them feel safer. The mask I designed allows diners to drink their favorite beverage without having to remove their mask. I did not design these masks to replace other types of masks or be used in any other settings other than social distance dining. -AC

The Safer Outdoor Dining Shockwave Mask is a re-usable, non-medical face mask designed with soft, lightweight fabric to create a truly unique and easily-breathable wearing experience. The 2-layered design features a grommet hole, sized to fit any straw. The super cute, shockwave print is not only a fun feature to show off in public, but also a sexy item to match with our undies in private. The over-the-ear straps and stretch fabric will offer a comfortable, secure fit.

***This product is for personal-use and decorative purposes only. It should not be used to replace any medical-grade equipment. It should not be used in any medical setting. It does not offer antimicrobial or antivirus protection and does not protect against contracting COVID-19 or other viruses or bacteria. Do not place face masks on anyone with trouble breathing or is unable to remove the product without assistance. All face masks should be washed daily or after each use.

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