XTRM Powder Lube 225 grams

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XTRM LUBE powder lubricant.  From soft to hard, suitable for everyone.Great for fisting, Large toys or messy play.
Dissolved in water you get a natural, crystal clear, tasteless and odorless lubricant.
  • Makes up to 25 liters or 6.6 gallons of lubricant.

How To Use

You decide for yourself whether more or less powder or liquid for an ultra-creamy consistency.
  • Add 5 grams (a little more than a screw cap) of powder to 750 ml (lukewarm) water. (Please do not mix the other way around, so add the powder to the water).
  • Shake for 20 seconds
  • Let rest for 5-10 minutes, lay the bottle horizontally
  • After 5-20 minutes the gel is ready to use.
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