XTRM Banger Station Deluxe

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The XTRM SNFFR BANGER STATION is the ultimate and easy to use Leather Cleaner inhaler-station, with your favourite aroma. This Banger Station gives you an absolute new kick. So intense, so pure, so horny.
The bottle is kept safe and secure in the docking station so no more chance of knocking over the bottle.
The extra-long double barrelled handle connects to the docking station with a 1 m long flexible special hose which will not be affected by chemicals.
With this XTRM Banger Station your Leather cleaner is ready to use immediately, no more fumbling with the screw cap. No more need for cotton wool or a mask, and much less chance of spilling the product.
And best of all, there are no side effects. No unpleasant skin contact, no skin irritation or redness.
Bottles shown are NOT included.


  • XTRM BANGER STATION: The ultimate Leather Cleaner station for an absolute new kick
  • Ready for Your favourite ready for use, bottle kept firmly safe in the docking station
  • Double barrelled Sniffer delivers the where and when you want it
  • With closure valve on the cap to seal off the bottle
  • Our Deluxe version comes with both Round and Square Insert + cap fit on all small Leather Cleaner-bottles, slim High-rise bottles and square 24ml and 30ml bottles.

Care Instructions

XTRM Sniffer Banger Station doesn’t like sun, heat, cold or aggressive detergents. Best is to wash after each use.
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