Aroma Twist Cap

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Designed for a more comfortable and convenient experience.

The reusable twist cap is expertly engineered for easy, mess-free, one-hand use. Spill-proof and splash-proof, this patent-pending replacement cap retrofits standard bottles and easily twists open and closed with one hand for the ultimate ease of use.

This specially designed Twist Cap boasts a sleek and functional design and a super absorbent diffuser that keeps the liquid content securely sealed, preventing the liquid from direct contact with skin.


  • Secure seal preserves maximum potency
  • Prevents spills and splashes
  • Easily twists open and closed with just one hand
  • Prevents skin contact with liquid

How To Use

To set up: Remove the cap on your bottle of choice (bottle not included). Insert the included diffuser stick into the twist cap, then screw the cap tightly onto bottle (detailed instructions included in box).

To use: Twist the nozzle upward to open.

To seal: Twist the top nozzle downward to securely seal and preserve the liquid inside the bottle.

To maintain and maximize potency, flip the bottle upside down and shake lightly after every few uses. This replenishes the wick with liquid.


This reusable twist cap is a novelty item. We do not assume responsibility for any use or misuse of the product. We are not liable for any skin rashes or other injuries that may occur from improper use of the cap. Any liquids or other products used in conjunction with the Twist Cap are purchased separately at the user’s discretion and are not affiliated with our brand or our cap. This product is spill-proof except when shaken vigorously shaken. Please use responsibly.
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